What to do if I failed the ISA Initial system assessment test?

For details on our system requirements, please visit @Home WorkBooth Requirements

  • Memory: Upgrade your Memory RAM
  • CPU (Cores, logical processor or speed): Changing the CPU (processor) on a computer might not be easy or even possible depending on your computer model. You may need to use a different computer to try and pass the test. You can verify this information on How to check your CPU and logical processors
  • UEFI: Your Computer BIOS Mode is not supporting UEFI. If you think your PC is newer than 5 years old this set up may be able to be modified. We recommend to seek a computer technician for help on this adjustment to your PC settings as attempting this change may turn your computer unbootable or it may possibly need a Windows reinstall.
    UEFI mode
  • Encryption: Your hard drive seems to be already using the encryption features on your computer. These features need to be free to be used on the Teletech’s drive instead. You could either disable your hard drive encryption or use a different computer to try and pass the test.
  • Virtual Machine: Our apps and features are nor enabled to properly work on a virtual machine. You may want to use an actual physical computer to try and pass the test.
  • Disk space: Your drive drives doesn’t have enough free space for you to be able to use our tools. You could free some space by removing some files from your disk, get a secondary hard drive installed on the computer or use a different computer to try and pass the test.
    How do I check my available disk space?
    Open File Explorer
    Click on the “This PC” section
  • Internet speed and Network score: The required internet bandwidth could not be met. You may want to try again while having your computer hardwired via an ethernet cable to your router or contact your ISP to get the required extra speed to try and pass the test.

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