VMware Automatic | When to use it

In the event that you see 2 icons for VWware, do not worry.

Let’s see how to identify which is used to launch the VMware in automatic.

Auto launch

If you see a red dot in the VMware tile, then it is for auto-launching the application.
Note: Some projects point to this.

  1. Click on the VMware Auto-ge tile to launch the application.
  2. Click on vdi-GE-teletech.com.
  3. Usually the auto launch VMware icon has this window already populated with your User name (Oracle ID) and Domain.
    If not, enter:
    • Your user name [1].
    • Your password [2].
    • The domain (TELETECH or TTECHORP) [3]. You have to select the correct one.
    • Click on the Login button [4].


  4. Click the Pool button (it has the name of your Project).
  5. Click the OK button.
  6. You are in.


At the end of your shift, don’t forget to properly log out of  your VMware session.
Every time that agents don’t log out properly, cause login issues to incoming agents and to your next login.

See the article: Properly log out of VMware

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