VMware Manual | To access vdi7

Manual launch steps

If you see the VMware tile without a red dot , then it is for launching the application manually.

  1. Click on the VMware Horizon Client tile to launch the application.
  2. IMPORTANT: If this is the first time you access using the Manual tile, follow steps 2 to 4.
    Next time you access using the Manual tile, you won’t need to do them again.
  3. If this is the first time you access using the Manual tile, then the VMware Horizon Client window will be empty. Click on +New Server.
  4. Enter the name of the Connection server:
    • vdi7-ge.teletech.com (without spaces).
    • Click on the Connect button.


  5. In the Login window, enter:
    • Your user name [1] (using the first.last@ttec.com or OracleID@ttec.com format).
    • Your password [2].
    • Click on the Login button [3].


  6. Note: In case that the Domain field is not grayed out, then you have to select either TELETECH or TTECHCORP.

  7. If you have the vdi7-ge.teletech.com button, click on it to launch it.
  8. Click the Pool button (it has the name of your Project).
  9. Click the OK button.
  10. You are in.190909-06vmauto
  11. Next time you access in the VMware you will see 2 icons, click on the one that begins with vdi7.


At the end of your shift, don’t forget to properly log out of  your VMware session.
Every time that agents don’t log out properly, cause login issues to incoming agents and to your next login.

See the article: Properly log out of VMware

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