System Validation Tool

A. Purpose

To provide the steps to download and launch Secure Remote Worker (SRW) Validation Tool onto any Windows computer (whether it is BYOD or TTEC provided).

B. Download and launch SRW Validation Tool

  1. Click on the Thinscale Vaidation Tool button to download.
  2. After clicking on the Thinscale Vaidation Tool button, look at the bottom of the window and when it finishes downloading, click on the TSTSCI_a372abeb398443d6a9f9468a728146de.exe file to begin the installation.
  3. You may get a message from User Account Control (UAC), click on the Yes button to allow it.
  4. Click on the Launch button.
  5. The Secure Remote Worker Validation Tool opens, click Next.
  6. It displays an interactive Pass/Fail screen.
  7. If any of the system checks the Validation Test, you will be provided with a self-help link to click on and follow the remediation tasks outlined within the document.
    In this example, there are 2 failures and if you click on the link “Click Here for Help to Fix” for Security Center (Firewall), it will load the Microsoft site.
  8. Please re-run the tool until you achieve all Passes. Once complete, click Next.
  9. On the Test Completed screen, it will load all of the Validation Tool Results. If you have any questions you can review the output.
    Click Close.

You have completed the Validation Tool test.

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